When God begins to build the team of multipliers there are two characteristics that stand out. They need to be driven to know Christ and directed by the Holy Spirit.

September 16, 2018

Unified Division

Is there a possibility of division in the body of Christ that is an expression of unity? Yes. And in today's passage Paul and Barnabas show us how.

How does the Holy Spirit cause the church to respond when believing Jews try to add some of the old rules to the lives of new Gentile believers? The direction the community takes is suprising and displays again the grace of God.

The first stop for Paul and Barnabas when they were sent out to multiply the church was Barnabas' home of Cyprus. It makes sense that the first place we should share the gospel is in our home church and our home town. 

As Paul and Barnabas continued to spread the gospel under the leadership of the Holy Spirit they received a wide variety of responses. They were determined, however, to continue to respond to the Holy Spirit and not react to the responses of people. That makes all the difference when the community multiplies.