February 16, 2020

Soil Samples

Glen speaks about preparing our lives for Jesus.

February 9, 2020

State of the Church

Vision; Ministry / 1 John 5

John finishes his letter by encouraging them to obey God's commandments. As we look toward our new year and the ministry that God has given us, too, are invited to follow Jesus's instructions. It is through our love for God and one another that we will be used to reveal Jesus to our family and friends.     

February 2, 2020

Experiencing God’s Love

Living In Truth: A Study of 1 John / Love; Relationships; Culture; Truth / 1 John 4


Our culture is filled with people who think they know God.  Jesus tells us in Mathew seven that there will be many who will be turned away from the Kingdom of Heaven because He does not know them.  John reveals how we are to know the difference between false prophets and true disciples.

January 26, 2020

On Mission With God

Glen spoke today about what God is doing in Romania.

January 19, 2020

Living In Love

Living In Truth: A Study of 1 John / Love; Child of God / 1 John 3

We are children of God and are called to live accordingly.  In order to do so, we must see ourselves as God sees us.  We are his heirs in the Kingdom.  Our commission is to love God and to love one another, but not as the world loves.  We are to love as Jesus loved, by giving up our lives for one another.

January 12, 2020

Living In The Light

Living In Truth: A Study Of 1 John/Love; Jesus is asked about the greatest commandment; Faith; Obedience / 1 John 2

John lays out for the church what it means to Live in the Light.  We are in the light by obeying His commandments, loving one another, and being faithful in our relationships with God.

January 5, 2020

Walking in the Light

Living in Truth: A Study of 1 John/ Experience; Light; Life/ 1 John 1:1-4; 1 John 1:5-10


We know God by experience which comes through obeying His commands.  John's Letter helps the leaders of the church know that Jesus is the Messiah by his testimony.  Our testimony of Jesus's activity in our lives helps others to know Him.

A fresh perspective on the things God has taught us about what it means to abide, BLESS, and Commit to Community.

December 22, 2019

Who Will Bring The Good News

God's people missed the signs of the coming Messiah.  If we are not careful to pay attention to God's activity, we too will miss what God has for us.

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